A sign rider, often referred to as a “real estate sign rider,” is a small additional sign that is placed below or beside a main real estate sign. Sign riders are commonly used in the real estate industry to provide extra information about the property being advertised or to convey specific details related to the listing. These riders are typically made from durable materials like metal, plastic, or wood, and they are designed to be easily attached to the main sign.

  1. Price or Price Reduction: If there has been a recent price reduction for the property, the sign rider can display the updated price to attract potential buyers.
  2. Under Contract/Sale Pending: When a property is already under contract or a sale is pending, this information can be conveyed on a sign rider to inform other interested parties.
  3. Open House Details: Sign riders can provide information about upcoming open house events, including the date, time, and location, encouraging interested buyers to visit the property.
  4. Sold: After a property has been successfully sold, a sign rider can be used to indicate that the property is no longer available on the market.
  5. Special Features: Important features of the property, such as “Pool,” “Waterfront,” “Newly Renovated,” or “Corner Lot,” can be highlighted on a sign rider to attract potential buyers with specific preferences.
  6. Contact Information: Contact details of the real estate agent or agency handling the listing can be displayed on a sign rider to make it easy for interested individuals to get in touch.
  7. Virtual Tour QR Code: A QR code linking to a virtual tour or online listing of the property can be included on a sign rider to provide potential buyers with easy access to more information.
  8. Coming Soon: For properties that are not yet officially on the market but will be soon, a “Coming Soon” sign rider can create anticipation and generate interest.

Sign riders are a practical way to provide additional details without cluttering the main real estate sign. They are often used in conjunction with larger signs placed in front of properties for sale or rent, enhancing the visibility and attractiveness of the listing to potential buyers or renters.

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