H – Post –

  • Fit Only  30″ x 18″ For Sale Sign
  • 6″ x30″ Top and Bottom Riders
  • YYC printing reserve the right to change L-Post if fence over 3 feet or H-Post not fit in property.

Note: Please read our terms and conditions carefully. After placing an order all service charges ( Sign reinstall, service, or repair) apply to your account and service will be not done until we receive the payment.



1. We charge for the service call after 7 days from the installation date. (Repair, Changes, etc.). We do this when we need to make an additional trip to a property for you. After installation is done signpost is in the Real Estate Associate’s Care and the Real Estate Associate is responsible for the Lost/ Stolen and Damage Signs.

2. Please provide us correct information otherwise all charges apply to your account ( Wrong Address, No space on the property to install a signpost, etc. If Special Instruction and the correct address are not provided, re-installation fees will be applied. It is your responsibility to check with condo associations to find out where signs are allowed. In a lot of cases, signs are not allowed at all. If you request a signup and signs are not allowed there will be a service charge billed.

3. We install and remove signs Thursday and Friday 10 am to 5 pm. Order Received After 1 pm Wednesday installation and removal are done by next Thursday or Friday ( In the event of poor weather conditions, extreme traffic delays, or statutory holidays there may be a delay in the service)

4. Sign removed Thursday and Friday depending on the schedule after your request we do not go straight to your address . When you place a removal request please let your customer know don’t leave the sign inside the fence or garage if we do not find a sign on the property trip charges apply to your account depending on the City plus the pick-up fee to pick up again. Minimum $35 charges in the City of Calgary Limit.

5. If you remove the sign yourself and not return it to our warehouse $40.00 storage fee charge to your account per month until we do not receive the post back. If an invoice is still unpaid over 30 days after we transfer your invoice to the Collection agency.

6. Peg (Ground Spike) Lost charges of $35.00 will be applied to L-Shape Post pegs and $80will be applied to H-post pegs.

7. In the event, your account becomes overdue yyc Printing reserves the right to remove all signs on properties immediately and there will be no compensation for installations you have paid for. If characters need to be installed again full installation rates will apply again.

8. The Sign Posts and pegs are the Property of YYC Printing and you are renting our product. You are liable for the post and peg during the rental period and in the event the signpost gets broken, stolen, or vandalized there is charges will apply.

9.   If a property is sold, you go online and post the removal date.

10. In the winter time when we remove the sign post some cases we can not remove the peg from the ground reason is ground goes frozen when the ground unfreezes we remove the peg from the ground this is the realtor’s responsibility to confirm with the customer’s winter time. lost peg $35.00 charges apply to your account if the peg is lost.

11. If the signpost is moved to another location without YYC PRINTING permission additional charges are applied to your account. If we find a signpost installed in another location we remove the post without notice and your account will be closed…

12. Listing longer than 6 months we charge a $35 renewal fee. Signpost lost or damaged $100 charges to your account for L-shape Post and $180 charges to H-Stand Post. Sign damage repair or changes start from $35 (depending on the City). If the invoice is not paid we remove all signs without notice and a reinstall fee will be applied. Invoice due upon receipt.

13. All riders installation is $15.00 for the rider plus service charges Starting from $35 (Depending on the City). If you sign rider lost $15 applies to lost rider to your account.

14. YYC Printing does not pick up any sign rider when we remove the sign from the property if sign riders do not belong to yyc printing. The Realtor is responsible to remove the rider if installed by a realtor. yyc printing is not responsible for lost or damaged riders.

15. If you switch brokerages it is your responsibility to contact yyc printing within 30 days to pick up your sign inventory. If pick-up arrangements are not made within 30 days any and all signs that belong to you may be disposed of and no compensation will be provided for disposed of items and remove all install signs from the properties.

16. YYC PRINTING is not responsible for any accidental damage to property. If the sign is installed in Townhomes, Retail Plaza, or apartment properties or fences in the property over 4 feet please notify us in advance if the location has any special requirements. If you don’t provide any requirements we charge a reinstall fee starting from $35 (Depending on City)

Please submit your Post Installation Request no later than 48 hours prior to your required installation/removal date. ​*Service is NOT Guaranteed if less than 48 hours’ notice is provided*​​


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